We have partnered up with our friends Bradie and Matt Sparrow at Sparrow Quilt Co. in Edmonton, AB and are now your local ordering and pick up location for Quilt by Mail! Sparrow Quilt Co. offers quality edge-to-edge machine quilting with a quick turnaround (2-3 weeks) at a very reasonable price.

Bring any quilt top, from traditional to modern to us at Modern Bee.
We look forward to helping you finish your quilt!

* Our next MAILING DATE is
JUNE 1st *

Why order through us instead of directly online?

  • Because it's a great deal!

  • Our flat rate shipping saves you over 75% of the cost of mailing on your own! Flat rate shipping is $7, $10 or $12, depending on quilt size. This includes shipping both ways from our store! We consolidate orders and ship twice monthly. (Actual Canada Post rates start at $16 for a baby quilt, each way if you were to ship on your own)

  • We match the online price

  • MULTIPLY YOUR QUILT'S (WIDTH x HEIGHT) TO GET THE TOTAL SQ" (example: 50" x 50" = 2500sq")

    Size of Quilt - by the Square Inch (sq")

    0 sq" - 3000 sq" ($75)
    3001 sq" - 3500 sq" ($85)
    3501 sq" - 4000 sq" ($95)
    4001 sq" - 4500 sq" ($105)
    4501 sq" - 5000 sq" ($115)
    5001 sq" - 5500 sq" ($130)
    5501 sq" - 6000 sq" ($140)
    6001 sq" - 6500 sq" ($155)
    6501 sq" - 7000 sq" ($165)
    7001 sq" - 7500 sq" ($180)
    7501 sq" - 8000 sq" ($190)
    8001 sq" - 8500 sq" ($205)
    8501 sq" - 9000 sq" ($220)
    9000 sq" - 10,000 sq" ($240)
    10,001 sq" - 11,000 sq" ($260)
    11,001 sq" - 12,000 sq" ($285)
    12,000 sq" - 13,000 sq" ($310)
    13,000 sq" - 14,000 sq" ($335)

    Email us if you have any questions and click here to preview designs.

  • Free Quilt By Mail consultation

  • We will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect design and thread colour for your quilt.

  • We offer a larger selection of quilting designs, thread colours and batting than those available online

    In store you will be able to pick from over 200 actual thread sample colours (instead of only 24 online), 3 batting options, as well as over 75 full-sized clear design overlays to suit every style quilt, from traditional to modern. 1000s of additional premium designs are also available at a small surcharge

  • Conveniently pay in-store with your preferred method of payment


  • Does my quilt have to be modern or contain fabric from your shop?

    All quilts are welcome! We accept quilting orders for any quilt, from traditional to modern. We have over 75 design templates in-store to suit every style, and 1000s of custom templates available for a small surcharge.

  • How does my quilt need to be prepared?

    Please deliver your fabrics pressed and trimmed.

    Backing (3 options):

    Supply your own backing seamed and trimmed to 4" larger than your top on all 4 sides.
    Supply backing fabric unseamed (+$15)
    Add backing fabric to your order ($12.90 per 1/2 yard)


    Several batting choices are available either from Modern Bee or Sparrow Studioz. Please do not bring your own.


    If you choose to have your quilt machine bound ($0.18 per linear inch), please include your binding fabric.

  • How long does the entire process take?

    Your quilt will be shipped on the next scheduled date. It takes 4-7 business days to arrive at Sparrow Studioz. The quilting is done within 2-3 weeks, add another 4-7 business days for it to return to Modern Bee. We will contact you as soon as it is available for pickup.

  • Can I have the quilt shipped to my home?

    Yes, you can, for an additional $20 charge.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

* Our next MAILING DATE is JUNE 1st