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2016 ROW BY ROW Kit
2016 ROW BY ROW EXPERIENCE Kit by Modern Bee


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2016 ROW BY ROW KIT "Letters from Home"

Our interpretation of this year's theme "Home Sweet Home" is titled "Letters from Home" and is inspired by romantic vintage handwritten letters.

Our fabric selections evoke English cottage gardens and include natural linen for texture, a nostalgic airmail border, and an adorable handwriting print with phrases such as "I love you to the moon", "life is better with you", "enjoy the little things", "you have the key to my heart". Pattern included.

Also makes a mini quilt or wall hanging.

* Shipping cost per kit is $2.95 + HST within Canada and $5.15 +HST to the United States. You will be charged $10 or $15 at checkout and the difference WILL BE REFUNDED to you as soon as we receive the order.

CAD $22.95

Item: ROWBYROW.2016


+ License Plate $6.99

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